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here it is, as promised. my first giveway~ i want to say thank you to every follower for following and making this blog grow to what it is today. ^^ and since we all love bangtan sometimes and there are armys out there that don’t want to bother with shipping or don’t have the funds to buy an album, i went to the store and bought two for you guise. now for everything you want to know~


  • 1st winner: 
    2 kool 4 skool (sealed) or o!rul8,2? (opened, w/ jin or kookie photocard) [x]
    - a bts tote bag from replayreplay apparel [x]
    - and two bts decals (bts text & vest) from replayreplay apparel [x]
  • 2nd winner: 
    - the album not picked (w/ jin or kookie photocard if o!rul8,2?) [x]
    - and two bts decals (bts text & vest) from replayreplay apparel


  • follower giveaway, so yes you do need to be following me. please don’t just follow for the giveway. that’s just ksdhskdjdhdfugh to my dedicated followers
  • reblog as many times as you want. i ask that you be considerate to your followers and not spam them
  • likes do not count
  • no giveaway blogs
  • do not edit/delete this text

other stuff you might want to know:

  • i’ll ship anywhere. canada, iceland, back to korea, narnia, wall sina, you name it
  • please have your ask open so i can contact you 
  • if a winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be picked
  • winner will be picked by a random number generator
  • any questions? send me a message ^^

special thanks to replayreplay apparel (xfor providing the decals for this giveaway!

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